Jesse McCartney - Body Language feat. T-Pain Music Video and Reviews

February 19, 2010
Jesse McCartney - Body Language feat. T-Pain

"Body Language" is Jesse McCartney's fourth single from his album Departure and his second single from Departure: Recharged. It was released as a remix featuring T-Pain. The remix is almost similar to the track of the album except for certain parts of the song which is sung by T-Pain. It has been officially announced by Jesse McCartney during his tour that this would be his next single during this summer as a follow up to the successful hit "Leavin'" which was released last summer apart from "It's Over" and "How Do You Sleep?".

The single hit radio airwaves in September 8. "Body Language" consist of a line of lyric adopted from "Leavin’", Jesse McCartney's most successful single to date as a mark of similarities between the two tracks. The catchy line "The thing you got behind you is amazing" were exactly the same in both the singles. "Body Language" was also a blend of few different languages in the form of short phrases and words such as parlez vous francais?, konnichiwa and chica. All three of the phrase and word is repeated during the chorus and is French, Japanese and Spanish respectively. This was a first of its kind for Jesse McCartney alongside his other tracks on Departure: Recharged.

"Body Language" has sold approximately 850,000 digital copies as of Dec. 27, 2009. It also debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #84. It fell off the next week, but re-entered at #71 and has reached a peak of #35. On the week ending January 9, 2010, after it had peaked at #35, "Body Language" made a 35-position jump on the Hot 100 from #80 to #45.

The music video was released on September 8, 2009. The video shows 3 different shots: First, Jesse & T-Pain on the studio, recording the song; Second, Jesse performing the song on his show; Third, Shots of women walking on a beach. Watch it below.

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