Music Video of "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson

July 14, 2009
The music video for "Knock You Down" was shot in Los Angeles, California with director Chris Robinson (director).

In the video's first scene Hilson is filmed free-falling in the bedroom of her apartment. The next scene follows her life with Kanye West playing her love interest, after which Ne-Yo takes over playing another love interest during his verses. The final part of the video features a split screen which on the left shows what is happening in the present when West sees Hilson talking with Ne-Yo while the right side of the screen relays the first part of the video in black and white. The final scene is a small confrontation between her two love interests and the video ends with Hilson's free-falling scene shown again. There are no specific dance routines featured in the video. However the video has been known for its sex appeal due to the fact that Hilson is laying down in bed wearing nothing more than her undergarments and a extremely thin see through undershirt.

During West's line "This is bad, real bad: Michael Jackson", Hilson is shown mouthing the lyrics and grabbing her crotch in a Jackson-esque manner.

It was premiered on Access Granted on March 23, 2009. Nick Tershay of Diamond Supply Co. makes a cameo in the video during Kanye West's verse. San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman also makes a cameo. On May 14, the video made its UK premiere on Channel Four and 4 Music, quickly soaring up video request charts and radio airplay.The song quickly rose on BET 106 & Park countdown show it debuted at number 9 with a peak position to number 1 on only in 3 weeks the will retire on the countdown with 15 countdown shows with 65 days total.

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