"Rule" By Ayumi Hamasaki

March 24, 2009

In April 2008, Ayumi Hamasaki commemorate her tenth anniversary in Avex, she released the single "Mirrorcle World"; it topped the Oricon, making Hamasaki the only female solo artist to have a number-one single every year for ten consecutive years. Hamasaki also held her second tour of Asia, Asia Tour 2008: 10th Anniversary, to celebrate her tenth anniversary. From April until June, she toured Japan, holding seventeen concerts. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai were again the foreign stops after the domestic performances. On September 10, 2008, Hamasaki released A Complete: All Singles, a compilation album that includes the A-sides of all her singles along with previously unreleased footage from her A-nation concerts.

Her tenth studio album, Next Level, will be released today March 25, 2009 in several formats: CD, CD+DVD, 2CD+DVD and a two-gigabyte USB flash drive. The flash drive edition is expected to be priced at ¥6800 (approximately USD$75). The first single, "Days/Green" (December 2008), became another number-one single for Hamasaki. The second single, "Rule/Sparkle", was released on February 25, 2009; "Rule" will be used as the international theme song for the upcoming film Dragonball Evolution.

Read more about Ayumi Hamasaki here.

Dragonball Evolution Summary:

Dragonball begins as a tongue-and-cheek outting for kids as Goku and his Grandpa battle atop two ropes. We are introduced to the concept of "key", which rhymes with chi, and it apparently allows one to focus unseen energy into attacks. Shadow crane strike!

From here we see Goku's high school and meet the girl of his dreams. She of course has a muscle bound boy toy that hates Goku. Various high school antics abound until Goku is given a dragonball by his Grandpa.

Dragonball EvolutionAfter Piccolo, an unexplained ultimate evil that has been imprisoned for 2000 years at the Earth's core, begins to gather the dragonballs in hopes of destroying the world it is only a matter of time before Goku, dream girl, a tech-savy and gun yielding girl with a blue hair stripe, a "key" master, and a bizarre man who traps everyone in a large hole join forces to battle him. They battle jelly-like creatures that split into more copies of themselves when killed, hurry to watch dream girl battle in a kung-fu tournament, blue stripe and strange older dude fall in love, and Goku learns he is actually an alien hybrid that is half him and half space monkey. He struggles to control his space monkey side, because evidently nobody can defeat it. Thus Goku spouts off things like "I will be true to myself!" and "Two are one!"

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